Update #24: A lot of new things ahead

Hello everyone! After a brief delay we’re finally back with a new update. Since we want to stick to our...


Update #23: Let’s have a chat

Greetings Kindred! February, the shortest month, has passed us by, meaning that it’s time for a new game client update!


Update#22: Let’s take a walk

Greetings everyone! In our last update, we promised that we‘d try to give you monthly content expansions. We kept our...


Update #21: Christmas post

Welcome back, Kindred! A year full of hard work is finally coming to an end and in this small update...


Update#20: New Announcement

Greetings, Kindred! It’s the middle of November now, and that means it’s time for some long-awaited announcements.

Update #18

Update #18

Greetings! Autumn has arrived and what a better time to get sick, which is exactly what happened to your humble...

Update #17

Update #17

Greetings Kindred! The summer season is nearing to an end but as always, we did not have much time to...


Update #16

Greetings everyone! We fell off the radar for a bit but that doesn’t mean that we were idle all this...


Update #15

Greetings once again, Kindred! We don’t have much to show this time, but we do have some news to share.


Update #14: New Year Update

    Ho-ho-ho, happy New Year, Kindred! 2015 comes to an end and this was a difficult year for our...

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