Update #18

Greetings! Autumn has arrived and what a better time to get sick, which is exactly what happened to your humble servant few weeks ago. It was hard to prepare new material for you in this situation; nevertheless, we did our best.

As promised in our last blog update, we have published a few short videos, showing the feeding process and the use of some powers. Time to talk about them in more detail.

In the above video, everything is more or less clear. It’s a well-known fact that vampires feed on the blood of mortals that can be in abundance found on the streets. You will be able to grab any passersby anywhere and at any time, however bear in mind that other people will notice that and react accordingly.

By consuming blood, vampire needs to make a choice – leave the victim alive or let it die. Character will need to decide quickly, since the whole process doesn’t take much time. If the victim is completely drained, it will die and vampire will get penalties that influence the game process.

A lot of viewers noticed a special visual effect around the character, some have called it “worms”. This status effect modifies the character’s stats. Depending on the effect, “worms” can have different colors, so that the character can tell what stats are being affected. This can be seen by vampires only and mortals will not react to their use as they simply cannot see them.

In addition to that, the video shows close combat and AOE attacks. We have already talked about them, but just as a reminder: these attacks can not only damage the opponent but add some status effects as well. AOE abilities leave a “mark” on a specific area for a limited duration and will affect everyone within its radius. Mortals can see these powers and will react to their use.

And last concept seen in today’s video – fast travel. This is a special vampire ability of turning into mist, allowing limited teleportation. The character can “jump” in any direction within a certain radius even if the place has no actual footing. Be careful though – teleporting into the sky is dangerous and even immortality may not save you when plummeting to the ground.

Use of these powers will require not only some blood expenditure and time, but also specific skills. You might need more than one for one power and their level will determine its potency.



Now let’s talk about the dialog system. We wanted to make a video for this update but because I was ill, we couldn’t get it done in time. As such, we will release it in the next few days. But for now we will show you how it works.

Your character can talk to majority of NPCs and other PCs (even the enemies). Most of the interactions will be done through dialog trees and by choosing specific options you can get the NPC to act in a certain way. For example, persuade him to follow you or carry out a specific action. Certain social attributes, skills and even luck can help the character in getting what he wants.

However, mortals may suspect that there’s something off about you. Unfortunate combination of choosing the wrong dialog option or even just the appearance of your character can negatively affect the human or even scare him. Most likely, the consequences won’t be very pleasant and you will need to get the hell out of there.


That’s all for today. We hope that your curiosity has been sated for now and we’ll try to show more in the upcoming updates. Don’t forget to share this with your friends.

Our funding campaign is still ongoing and right now we need all the help we can get, as making a game of this scope required a lot of time and effort, especially at this stage.

Thank you for staying with us, without you we could not have made it this far.

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7 Responses to “Update #18

  • Всё круто! Особенно порадовала реалистичность нпс. Одно в этой ситуации печалит. То, что нет возможности самому это всё “прощупать”. Очень жду Альфа доступ ^,..,^

    • Реалистичность? Например, в этом моменте непись никак не отреагировал на превращение персонажа игрока в облако дыма и растворение в воздухе, пошел дальше довольный Может, конечно, это просто слепой непись.

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your guys hardwork.

  • The more I see the more intrigued I become.  Looking forward to further updates  :>)

  • The game is looking awesome

  • I’m loving it right now guys! I’m sure you’ll clean up the animations and deal with clipping when you go through the debugging portion. So far it’s looking good. You’ve got my money.


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