The Dogmat Universe


We give you a dark allusion take on the real world. The history and geography are similar. In our game, exists the same cities, people keep the same values and views on moral code, but one feature of its inhabitants are the tendencies and vices of human nature. The biggest difference in this world is presence of the inhuman forces standing on the highest step of the food chain. It is the world of gothic contrasts and the human society which are falling into a chasm of hopelessness. It is the world where dark night tie the lonely traveler into labyrinths of narrow streets and lights that overshadow the stellar sky; general paranoia seems to be the only solution protecting us against the dangers that are hiding in the shadows of alleys. These places will echo the deafening screams of helpless victims… literally. There is no more hope for redemption and everyone can choose how to spend their last nights.


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