Pre-Order Dogma: Eternal Night

Thank you for your support, your preorder will help us to develop the game and release it as soon as possible! When the time comes, you will gain access to the alpha- and beta- versions, early access or a full digital copy with a couple of months already prepaid.

Once again, thank you for supporting Dogma: Eternal Night. Your help will allow us to create one of the best game settings out there!

Personal Mansion

Your character will receive a personal mansion within the city limits, which can be used as your living quarters or as an HQ for your Coven. The Mansion will become accessible during the Early Access when this feature is added. Example

Most Wanted

Based on your photo, drawing or a character design, we will create a collection of “Most Wanted” posters that will be posted all over the city buildings. In addition to that, your name will be featured in the “Most Wanted” credits of the game.


You will be one of the first players to receive personal apartments right in the heart of a playable city, which is a great way to kickstart your career. You will be able to choose the location you like and the apartments will become available after launching Early Access.


A one-of-a-kind t-shirt for your character, created for all our backers. This is a unique item that you will not be able to purchase in-game. The t-shirt will be available after the launch of Early Access.


A: It depends on the type of access you have. We plan to launch the alpha version in 2016, while the beta- and the early access versions will most likely become available in the early 2017.
A: Windows, Mac and Linux! Later, after the official launch of Dogma: Eternal Night, we plan to release the game on other consoles as well.
A: Yes, you will receive your Steam key as soon as the game will be made available for Steam.
A: We use the Humble Bundle service to sell the preorders of Dogma: Eternal Night and you can read their refunds policy here. By supporting our project, you should understand that your funds will be sent directly to the continued development. Thus, we cannot guarantee the return of these funds.
A: We finance the game development out of our own pockets and many of our team members are forced to work more than one job. Preorders will help the developers find additional funds so that they can work on Dogma: Eternal Night full-time without having to worry about things like food and sleep.
A: We plan to release Dogma: Eternal Night no matter what! Success of the preorders will help us get the necessary equipment and operating software, and move to a central office, making the development more efficient.
A: Yes, when your version of the game becomes available, we will send you an email, so be sure to leave the correct email address and don’t forget to check it from time to time!
A: This option allows you to pay as much as you considered necessary. Your reward will depend on the amount of money you donate. For example, if you pay $15 or more, you will receive Kindred Pack.
A: This option allows you to add a tip to your purchase, if you want to support our project more money. Just add this to your purchase and we will be able to send this money to further develop the project.
A: This will get you early access to the game if you bought one of the game sets. Early Access will be launched immediately after the alpha- and beta-testing and will last until we are sure that everything works as intended and the game is ready. During Early Access players will not be charged with a monthly fee; this can last up to a few months.