04 Jun DevBlogs

Hi everyone, time for another big update! This time we’ve added new interactions and some things that should be in any vampire project.

Starting from the update 0.8r79, characters are no longer simple walking templates with preset appearance. We have added a “Creature type” option into the character editor, which will indicate what your character is. This is a temporary feature for testing purposes, since there aren’t many players online right now. We will remove it later on, and the embrace of a mortal character will happen organically in the game according to the set rules.


And so, after you’ve created your character (or loaded up your old one), you’ll see… hm, you’ll see that you are not alone in the city anymore. Now you can encounter wandering NPCs, even though they are not too bright at the moment. There is still lots of work to be done on the AI mechanics, but for now, we have the bare minimum. So, what is it that you can do with them? Nothing yet, if your character is mortal. However, if you created a vampire, you get to partake in all the pleasures of human blood as well as witness some of its effects on your appearance. NPCs can see you, and if some of your actions seem… unusual to them, they can get scared and run away.

All of this is still in the early testing phase, so it can cause numerous errors and bugs, especially animations and actions timing, as those are heavily reliant on ping and server response speed.

We plan to keep working on this part of gameplay and, as mentioned before, make these interactions possible not just with NPCs but with player characters too (for the moment, this feature is disabled). Then there’s NPC dialogues that will allow for more actions and give vampires opportunities to use mortals for their own goals. We will talk about that in our future updates that will add additional features into bars and clubs (even though there is only one available right now).


As for ironing out the bugs, the team always tries to take all forum feedback and requests into account for the upcoming updates. This time we made some small updates to character/item optimization that should improve performance and loading speed. Of course, there are still many issues left, but with your help, we’ll eventually deal with all of them.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback and bug reports on our forums, this is an important part of our work and we collect all the data to improve the project as much as possible.

Until next time!