06 May DevBlogs

Greetings, Kindred. We're making final preparations for new game mechanics and this time we're finally letting the characters venture outside.

New updates are already installed and add a small 250x250m test location in the city. You have seen a part of it on our screenshots before. Locations are still being worked on and we'll be adding new elements as well as new parts of the city. Area loading is dynamic, so when needed, we can just turn them on.

Currently, there are some issues with optimizing city locations, so to get a stable FPS you'll need a fairly powerful machine. We're working on fixing these problems and soon we hope to add multithread rendering based on the latest graphical API versions. As such, some graphical elements like water reflection have to be turned off.


Each character has a personal flat in one of the city buildings. You can always go back to it, as well as whenever you exit the game, also restoring your HP. For now this is a temporary measure, added in case of unforeseen events.

Recently we have been asked what kind of flats these are. No, these aren't the dwellings players will receive if they have a special pre-order tier. The apartments you see are just a starting location and all characters will live in them until they perform specific actions in the game (we'll keep those a secret for now).

We also have good news for Linux users – now we're trying to release client builds for this OS as well. We can't guarantee it will work as intended, due to large differences between various Linux OS versions and we can't test them all. But now we have you to help us.

In the following month, the team is going to work on adding NPCs in various city locations, as well as vampire characters that your alter egos will turn into. The first testing phase will focus on feeding, behavior and NPC generator as well as how behavior of the player characters might affect their Nature.

A reminder that anyone with alpha-access can take part in testing, and if you don't have it yet, you can get it on this page.

And as always, we're awaiting your feedback and bug reports on our forums.