27 Feb DevBlogs

Greetings Kindred! February, the shortest month, has passed us by, meaning that it's time for a new game client update!

This month we had less time than usual, so the team tried to spend it wisely, working on issues reported by the players. We have implemented numerous changes and some things had to be fully reworked, like camera angles and character movement in closed spaces. It was important for us to receive as much feedback as possible, which is why we decided to release our product in parts in the first place. Right now we still have numerous unsolved issues on our hands, but in due time, we will address everything.

Aside from that, we released a few patches throughout the month, which added a few new changes, mainly related to the interaction with items in the starting location. You can see how it works right now if you have the alpha-access to the game.


The new 'big' update adds an opportunity to meet other players. If previously everyone was locked in their rooms, now you have an opportunity to leave them. You can't go on the streets just yet, we're skipping that part for the moment, but you will be teleported straight to one of the Establishments. These places will be very valuable for the city's nightlife but right now characters can simply meet there and talk to each other.

At this stage, we need to check the stability of not just the game client, but the server as well, and test its connection capabilities in various circumstances. So don't worry about any "glitches" you might see, just tell us about anything strange, buggy or inconvenient.

March will be spent on polishing up modules for Establishments. As always, you can expect a few small patches throughout the month with various fixes and improvements. Our next monthly update will be devoted to a particular part of gameplay, we won't tell which yet. Other than that, we will of course continue working on bug fixes.

Those of you who still don't have access to the game can always support our project and get an access key with other neat rewards. Right now our own crowdfunding basically reached $20,000 (let's say it already has ;)) which helped us expand our server capabilities. It's thanks to you that we were able to release this update today, in which connectivity plays a very important part.

Our next goal will be new editor features - we plan to add new clothing elements and accessories as well as tattoos that a lot of you wanted to see for a very long time. This will require a lot of work on the editor and a sizable expansion of the shaders functionality.

We'll have new goals after that but for now let's test out this new update. And don't forget to leave reviews and feedback, this is very important for us.