23 Feb DevBlogs

Greetings everyone! In our last update, we promised that we'd try to give you monthly content expansions. We kept our word and 2 updates were already released.

At the beginning of January, we took a short break, but we did release a small patch ( to fix some bugs. Of course, we couldn't fix everything but connecting to the server should be easier now.

As a reminder, those of you who have an account with alpha-access can log into game client right now. Support the project on our website to get the alpha-access now!

Until recently, players could only play around in the character editor, and we carefully collected all of your feedback and bug reports. Now we will be working on further improvement and fixes.

We released a new update ( that allows your character to enter into the game world itself, albeit in a limited fashion. Players can now check out the starting location - a small flat in the city. Right now, all you can do is look around and move in it; we haven't added object interaction yet, as we need to improve on some of its elements. We will add this as soon as possible (first half of February at the very latest). Now you'll be able to see a working UI and even the chat system, though for now you can only talk to yourself.


Future plans include adding character interactions and right now we are working on 2 modules: first one allows interactions within your flat (whether it be the starting location or the one you buy later) while the second module will add interactions outside of your haven. We're not sure which one to add first - most likely the one that's most finished by the end of February. As promised, we will try and stay within our deadline of one month as much as possible.

We've also made some graphical changes. For example, we've redesigned the shaders responsible for shadow rendering. Now shadows from light sources are a bit softer and are not as choppy as they used to be. There will be many graphical updates planned in the future, and in the next few months, we plan to test our game client on the new version of the Unity engine.

We're keen to hear back from you, whether it be general comments or bug reports. This is very important for us, as we need to collect as much data as possible. Don't be shy, create topics on our forums and share your screenshots - the team would love to see them!

Until next time, Kindred!