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13 Dec 2017 18:27 byHakial

Hi !

I want to propose you my skills in translation, as it said in the title, from English to French. I'm a young student french-spanish native who have a C2 in French (and Spanish), a high B1-B2 in English (and in parallel a highly B2/C1 in comprehension) and I've been selected in the European's translators contest "Juvenes Translatores" which is organized by the European commission.

I know that you are in an early phase of the development but when the time will come, I would like to help you to translate this beautiful project to french (and for free) :)

I let you my email: ishtar.enoch@gmail.com


Bye and thanks for have take a look !

Always useful to have translators. Lanaguage is one of Humanity's greatest barriers.

The Shadow Man

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