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i bought this game a long time ago ( back when you could only exist in your apartment ) it's really disappointing to see the game hasn't come very far and is unlikely to be finished. if there's a bump in their development, they should post something but if this is a dead game and they're still accepting the donations... i wish, at the very least, i'd bought it more recently so i could dispute the money back. No activity anywhere from the devs. 

Thats a good point Aloysra. At this point after so long without any communication or news from the devs its not right that donations are still being accepted.

On a slight tangent... i think our expectations when compared to the level of funding recieved so far ($27,366), were always unrealistic. My suspicion is that the devs (dev?) perservered in the hope that a rich backer would arrive, impressed by the work done so far. the money collected so far was just to allow them to get roughly this far and no further, limited oxygen.

But this game was never going to arrive as  self or player funded alone. So we shouldn't be surprised with where we are now.


I was hoping to see this game come alive but as it's current status I think it won't happen after all : (

I know that not all indie developers are like these. But after such a case, every time I think: "Is it worth my money and time this project?" "Or again it will fall apart on alpha?"

I know that not all indie developers are like these. But after such a case, every time I think: "Is it worth my money and time this project?" "Or again it will fall apart on alpha?"

C'mon, really? Alpha has nothing to do with it. The signs were there from the very beginning. On what basis did you expect an MMORPG to arrive on a budget of under $50,000? How credible and likely did this project ever really look?

The devs did well getting as far as they did, on the little bit of money they had. But if anyone thought the game was ever likely to be built with less than $50K (never mind $27,366.00...) then i would like to know what drugs they are taking.

As others have said here, the only criticism i really have of the devs is that they should communicate with the community. Not because we need to be told the obvious (game is likely dead), but rather because its the decent thing to do and because of how human nature works, being straight with people does a lot to preserve good will on both sides.

I paid money too, to fund this game. But it was always in the hope that serious funding would eventually arrive after CCP messed up WoD. It was always a gamble. I never believed that a budget of $35K was ever worth taking seriously when making an MMORPG.

So i'm not surprised enough now to be dissapointed, just like i wouldn't be dissapointed if a mate of mine promised to pay for a five star holiday for both of us when he has barely enough money for lunch.

It really makes me wonder as to what in the heck happened to the money I already donated. Why should I pre-pay again? It has been almost 3 years now since the development of this game and does anybody know what is going on? Because that is what is most important for me to know is if this game is still going to happen...

Yeah, I bought this ages ago, and the saddest part is that we're left in the dark with no way of knowing what happened to the project. It'd be fine if the devs just outright said that the project is dead and not get my hopes up that maybe, eventually, it'll get finished...

Well, at least the wallpapers included in my purchase are kinda cool :/

I supported BOTH Dogma and Shadow Kiss, hoping at least one would get released.  Me too I get error messages when I tried to get on Dogma's server, so I'm not capable to get on their server.  The team of Shadow Kiss have a Discord channel that is active.  I had trouble acccessing Shadow Kiss's servers at first, and I asked on their Discord channel for help about it, and I almost got a response immediatrly about it, and it resolved my problems.  So I managed to access their server and I played a bit.   I left them fedbacks about their game and they admited it was rough for the moment  but they were working  on it,  So yes I don't think Shadow Kiss will be canceled, but Dogma seems to go on their doom.

There is really no news.... At least, they could say that is over...


there is already a time I have heard of this game and was waiting for its release or some news that would be released to buy / donate money. But it seems like everything is hopeless. :/


this seemed to be the perfect vampire game

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