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18 Feb 2018 23:48 byLeo Wylder

For the ammount of backers I would assume that I would find people, I payed $60 for a MMO that no one apparently plays, and I kind of understand the reason why they would stop, but stopping doesn't really help, now does it?  I am beggining to regret putting some money to this game, even tho it has potential, I just feel that not much people are interested, which I understand, everyone get scared of giving money to a game from a company anyone barely knows.    But as a community one must participate.


Anyway, would appreciate knowing if anyone still plays?

Yeah, I get on every now and then.

-Shadow is but the result of light.

There is not much to do so once I tested a new update I don't go back till the next one.

Right now i am waiting for something to gain, something to reach. When they implemented the reputation system in the club, i maxed that out and had top score of that, but it did not really do anything for me. So i wait for some content to do, which will gain me some kind of progress. Im sure it will come in the future! You can ofc gain blood to build your character, but right now as above it does not do that much for you, which will ofc change in the future.

That's kind of what I'm doing right now, just powering up my blood total.

-Shadow is but the result of light.

I'm the only one for which my blood dosen't go? It dosen't matter how much I feed, my blood always remains at zero, I can't level up stats either because it says I have no blood.

The Shadow Man

You have to drink all the blood in a mortal, thus killing them. That should give you a single point of blood.

-Shadow is but the result of light.

How do you even feed?  I started a human and erased it and made a vampire, none would allow to do anything other than just punch people, I am still confused on what to do since the game doesn't give me anything to do, I just start in my apt, run around town and find nothing to do at all...

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