Category Bug Reporting Can't make Char Avatar in Char Creation

05 Jan 2018 22:08 bycoldfirenexus

it 'hangs' everytime i get to the avatar snapshot creation :(

any advice please?


game version = 1.0.6260.27473


thanks, this happens everytime i try to make a char

im also having a issue with creating a avatar everytime i get to it it lags so badly i spent three hours sorting bits and pieces out then server crashes. why did it take me so long? because everytime i tried to change a colour change a size alter the face it just kept freezing. in end it crashed and now i have to go out.

could be that memory usage in aplications was too high (over 1 million) or a bug in the game (i downloaded windows version)


done a avatar and in game however the lag is terrible and I'm stuck inside an apartment 

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