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22 Jun 2017 00:45 byAiryKai

Hello, mortals, vampires or someone else!

This forum is the place to report bugs that occur in the game client.

To inform us about the problem, use the following points as a basis and create a new topic.



  • At the beginning of the header indicate the version of the client. Find out which version you can in the game client, in the bottom right corner.
  • For example: [0.8r80] Some stupid bug in my beautiful game.


  • Minor – Small issue that does not affect gameplay (for example, texture problems or minor clipping)
  • Moderate – Issues that affect gameplay but can be worked around, more noticeable problems.
  • Severe – Game breaking issues, such as crashes, or anything that completely impedes your progress.


  • Once (<1%)
  • Rarely (25%)
  • Most of the time (75%)
  • All of the time (100%)

Date of occurrence

  • Please input the date when this issue occurred in the format of: DD/MM/YY

Character Name

  • Please type in your commander name here.


  • Please describe the issue that you are experiencing or have experienced. As always, the more detail - the better!

Steps to Reproduce

  • Please list in 1 2 3 format how to exactly reproduce your issue.

Additional files?

  • This field is optional. If you have an additional files, please upload them to any file host. Sorry, file upload is not supported on our site right now.

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