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29 Feb 2016 23:34 byfeatherreign

This looks like it will be an awesome one! :)





I do not know why I go on. I do not know what I’m really searching for. Maybe it’s just simply in the beauty of the world which sometimes is well hidden in its ugliness. 

Don't know yet if awesome (the fighting looks a bit..) but yeah, more importantly: Finally a (bigger) vampires game! The first one since Bloodlines (!).

First videos: http://www.themasquera.de/vampyr-announced/

The developers are the same that did Life Is Strange (which I'm a huge fan of), so I'm confident the story will at least be engaging.

There's no gameplay footage at all, just some images moving... I think it's to early to be excited, there's nothing that indicates this is not just an idea that won't be completed...

I hope it is good. There needs to be better vampire entertainment in general. Games, and movies mainly. I personally would like to see more violent vampires in the future. Despite how bad Dracula Untold was; I guess it's a start, and a step away from Twilight. So that's good, I guess...

I'm excited for it. Finally, a game besides Bloodlines or a heavily-modded Skyrim to get my vampire fix.

I'm enjoying it, though some of the mechanics seem forced. The best part, though, is the feeling of dread that I get whenever I see an enemy with higher level than me. 

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