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Dogma: Eternal Night


Is a game project being made by a team of enthusiasts, who want to create a new MMORPG with the atmosphere of modern gothic punk and horror. This new game will allow players to try on an image of vampires and other mythical creatures who live among the mortals. The development team was formed by roleplayers and gaming community members for the purpose of exercising their common dream.


This is a new MMORPG with thousands of players online that are not separated on different servers. The Combat system is a combined control system – with the flexibility of ‘target-system dynamics’ (zoomed in 3rd person shooting) and mouse-look (traditional MMORPG combat with hotbar abilities allowing you to move your camera around at your convenience).

Game World

The cities existing reality, architecture and monuments are a work of art while a variety of mystical inhabitants, hide themselves from the eyes of mere mortals. The game world is a living, breathing environment which is constantly changing and reacting to the actions of players. In this world you can meet up with your friends to accomplish great deeds or find your enemies and vanquish them from existence. Then afterwards, you can congregate in one of the many “nightlife” establishments to enjoy the social aspect of our world by spinning a web of intrigue or to simply hangout in a pleasant atmosphere within our world.

Game Mechanic

The game mechanics are based on the best role-play systems of classic RPG games. Grow and expand your characters as you see fit because there are no class restrictions. The in-game character editor will allow you to customize all of the details of your characters appearance. In this world, you can permanently lose your character, which means that you should always be on our guard.

Social Interaction

Our game will allow extensive opportunities of social interaction with other players. You will be able to achieve objectives together, or gain the confidence of your enemies and then destroy them from within. The special system in-game market area will allow you to organize and own your own business, whether it be for trade or production.

Adult audience

We create our project for an adult audience and we understand how hard it is to spend a lot of time in the game and it’s even more difficult for those who don’t have that much free time to begin with. Therefore, we make every effort to allow players to enjoy the game without spending too much free time.


Okay Gamers, exciting stuff. If you like BLOODLINES, you're going to love this. I backed this project, and so should you!

- Mark Rein-Hagen, Creator of Vampire: The Masquerade

They have been doing this labor of love for over a year with no support, I have confidence they will do something really great!

- Chris McDonough, WoDMMO Senior Producer


All about development

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