Update #13: October


Greetings, Kindred!

This is our 13th update, which is doubly noteworthy considering that just a few days ago the world was celebrating Halloween – congratulations! This time our news are few but quite important.

Project development got quite complicated in October. Part of our team had to temporary deal with personal matters, so we didn’t do as much as we hoped. Our main focus was getting ready to launch the Kickstarter campaign and now we can finally tell you the final date.

Our Kickstarter campaign will go live on the 24th of November.


This is a final decision and is not subject to any appeal In the remaining time we will continue with the development and try our damnest to make the campaign successful.

The second piece of news (that you probably already know about) is the changes in title, logo and our website address. 2 weeks ago, we set up a poll on our forum, asking for opinions of our fans. Based on these, the team has chosen a new name for the project to finally replace the placeholder one we used before.



With regards to actual development we continue working on the new build of our game client. I’ll remind you that last month our team stopped using the old prototype and began to build a new one. Thanks to that we avoided numerous errors and problems and improved the optimization.

Aside from that, we also improved interactions with the surrounding objects. Now we can easily add such functions like turning the lights, TV or computers on/off and the ability to sit on couches and chairs.

And finally… You, of course, noticed our GUI. More on it later but for now you can share your thoughts on the forums!


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