December 2014

The first year of development is coming to end. World of Darkness was cancelled on April 14, and then we made the decision to restart it by efforts of community. The name, a development team and our approach to development and the game universe changed since then … But we still have the enthusiasm. In a December devblog we would like to remind everything that occurred for these eight and a half months, and also to tell you about new features in our world that we create.

The Beginning.

The idea of development was finally issued on April 14, 2014. Actually it arose much earlier when some participants of community WoDGame.Ru doubted a solvency of CCP and began to think of further actions in case Icelanders would like to curtail development. As it often happens, the prediction came true, and then we started our development.


During several weeks we created a small team with a view to develop at least game foundation and try to study in common bases of game design and production together. The situation was aggravated by fact that people didn’t know how game industry works. Therefore the first months we had to spend for obtaining initial skills in this job. The first separate prototypes of elements were created. One were learned how to work with graphics, others studied programming, and the third worked on design and concepts and also were fixing other problems. Despite all difficulties, to the middle of summer we already possessed all necessary tools and were ready to large-scale work.


Project Dogmat

We had received the letter from CCP with requirement to curtail development and to remove any materials belonging to the Icelandic company. We had no choice but refocus our team for completely new game that weren’t belonging to World of Darkness. We changed the name and decided to create lore (from lore — history of the game Universe) of our own.


If be honest, it didn’t become surprising as well as closing World of Darkness project. So by the end of August we could already present you some graphic practices, and at the same time to officially announce the start of the new game. Since then we continue our development that runs rather smoothly and doesn’t experience any global difficulties.

And what’s now?

Eight months of heavy works, self-training and deep meditations allowed the team to defined mostly graphic registration of our scenes, to create bulk 3D – objects for a game prototype. Bases for fighting system with use of various abilities were finished. Nevertheless, we haven’t enough content to show you their work yet. For example, systems of reproduction of the visual effects and animations still under development, as well as these effects and animations still should be finished.

modl_scr1 modl_scr2 modl_scr3

Partially we prepared tools of the graphic interface, but still couldn’t decide on style of its figuration and final configuration of elements therefore works were limited only to functionality. The charlist system, inventory system and ability to equip your characters were already presented as well as a skill bar and slots for abilities, and of course display of necessary parameters in HUD.

In October the small part of team was concentrated on development of the character system. It’s important to note that we have decided to use intra game tools with random or partially random generation so we wouldn’t need to create each NPC character separately in 3Deditor. It means that all NPC which you will meet on streets of the game cities, will be unique and created the same way as your own character. As about the editor functionality, we still continue it development. The most part of functional part is already finished, but also, as well as with fighting system there still no content. And we decided to show part of a prototype to you in a new demo.

We are working on client part of the game as well as on the server system and both platforms functionality at the same time. Each new element is repeatedly tested and checked in real game conditions. All its components from a program platform to a database work perfectly and constantly extend according to new elements. It still difficult to fully estimate their ability to maintain high loadings and big data streams.


Talking about problems… The most difficult of the project development was a control system and animations of game characters. It is very hard work that demands a large number of various harmoniously working elements. But we don’t know how to use it right. Perhaps it occurs because of large volumes and difficulties in scripts, it is possible because of our own inexperienced, but most likely is caused by both problems. Because of lack of correctly working system we also couldn’t show you the prototype in action.

Besides, team that was working on characters faces the problem of creation high-quality animation. Of course we aren’t able to afford to disappoint you with second-grade elements from sets available free of charge Motion Capture elements, and especially worked manually. It was required to use really qualitative, the professional equipment. Fortunately, after few weeks one of experts in this area contacted us and offered to help. And now with access to the qualitative cinematic equipment, we not afraid of this problem anymore, and the first practices on animations will be in our use soon.

And now, that part which on all orders would have to get to the description of the game Universe…

Игровой мир

Dogmat universe is a dark allusion on the real world. Their history and geography are similar enough. Here exist the same cities, people keep the same values and views on moral, but feature of his inhabitants is expressed tendency to vices of human nature. The most essential difference of this world is presence of the inhuman forces standing on the highest step of a food cycle. It is the world of gothic contrasts and the human society which falling in a hopelessness chasm. It is the the world where dark nights tights the lonely traveler in labyrinths of narrow streets and lights that overshadow the stellar sky; general paranoia is seems to the only solution preserving against dangers that hiding in the shadows of alleys which wafting deaf voices of the victims here. There is no more hope for redemption, and everyone can choose how to spend their last nights.


Undead modern society (its most organized part) is presented by four large sovereign fractions and several autonomous organizations which are historically created in mortal populated territories. Each large fraction possesses the unique originality, has the historical prototype and certain reasons of emergence considering features of paranoia and territoriality of the undead. There is laws for all community, that common for all factions; besides, each party possesses own laws and traditions.


But lonely eremites still exist among the immortals so as criminal organizations which are torn off from society, and also isolated cults adhering to own views and traditions. However the overwhelming part of mortals is anyway used (or has potential for this purpose) by the autonomous organizations and large fractions.


The main function of the Dogmat is immortal preservation as a kind by means of concealment of the fact of undead existence from mortals and a prohibition of the actions which are destructively influencing on immortal society.

Violations of the Dogmat can lead to rejection of the vampire by community or entail other consequences. Modern mortal maybe won’t open vampires as a kind, but in the life-threatening cities their behavior will change as appropriate that will complicate not only feeding, but also social interactions.

That is all for now. We want to congratulate all kindred on upcoming holidays. The next year promises to be very saturated and interesting. Visit our website for a news update.

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  • Радует момент про анимации. Надеюсь больше ничего не будет затруднять работу. Жаль, что про кланы не рассказал ><

  • Круто. Будем ждать, что вы сделаете в будущем.

  • Надеюсь игра таки выйдет, а то от фентезийных эльфов уже тошнит.

    p.s.: музончик зачётный в ролике. Прям так и вижу как идёшь такой по ночному городу, в переулке бомж копошиться в мусорке, на перекрёстке долбанутый пророк вещает про конец света… мммм офигенчик)))

  • В редакторе большой прогресс виден,но что касается волос ? Будет ли анимация ? 0з0 Или всё будет статично ?
    Что касается основного прогресса – всё очень радует, продолжайте в том же духе

  • Кстати а вы свой движок используете? Или наработки с “Carbon” остались?

    • Carbon – собственность CCP, мы не можем его использовать ни в каком виде.

      • Блин жаль конечно,у них там такие анимации были,одна видео демка чего стоила,ну ладно черт с ним

        • Подобный уровень графики и эффектов при современных технологиях в ММО невозможен.

  • Только наткнулся. Буду следить постоянно, ребята, если вы это сделаете – это будет более чем нечто. Чем смогу – помогу.


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