November 2014

November is coming to an end, winter is coming, nights becoming longer, it’s time, when even undead creatures get cold. But this month has been successful for us – we’ve finished logical part of usage fight skills and prepare a couple new screenshots of city location from our work prototype.



Geo-referenced data


Those who kept track of our activity on social networks, remember our post about new Geo-referenced data tool which was received at the disposal of the development team. It is quite a simple system, to use, actually, which is based on API online services such as Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps. The crux of the matter is to obtain information about the remote location of houses, streets, roads, rivers, etc. based on parameters such as latitude and longitude that set by developer. After that, there is a special script which gets on a plane straight into 3D editor designate objects as colored lines to scale. All we need to do is arrange the objects so that the virtual space began to look like its prototype.

As we were saying earlier, the task for the team itself does not include an exact recreation of real cities’ look. This would be boring as much for you as for us. Therefore, we are going to recreate the basic outlines of streets, but not exactly thorough and simulate some of the sights and major construction.



Skills system


Approaching to the development of the application and calculation skills, we set out to make a transparent line between the different levels of the characters’ evolution. First of all, we would like to give an opportunity to the younger Vampires have a chance to beat older brothers. As for the Ancient bloodsuckers, we want to make them feel danger even in the situation of an obvious success. Of course, in real life it is only a luck that can help bespectacled nerd to kick ass of some hardened and armed robber. This is the way we decided to use when creating formulas and calculations.

Each skill in our system, like in any other games, has a number of characteristics that reflect its power, efficiency, and requirements for the application. Moreover, were added some parameters that reflect the complexity of the skill. This is not an analog level of its evolution in any way, as many of you might think, but something different. In a skill calculation system we use a technique, when the system generates not clear numbers, based on the characteristics of the character and purpose, but determines the random probability. This technique gives a certain chance of failure, even in the case of the maximum level of the attributes and skills progress.

Generally, we classify our skills in several subtypes, such as – the classical buffs works both once and long-term, until the conditions are satisfied. There are attacking abilities that can cause damage, or apply different effects on opponents, or both at once. Skills in a certain way are affecting the surrounding characters in the manner of the aura. And as AOE that can injure or effect on the characters that are in a certain area, which indicates the player.





As we promised at the beginning of this post, we prepared a few locations screenshots from our prototype. Just for the record, we have not been working on visual part yet. We were just using basic shaders and effects, paying more attention on logical and mechanical part of the game. In a near future we plan to work with more advanced graphics technology, but these are just near future plans so far.






In the end


And lastly, Project Dogmat team needs your support. And we are not talking about only financial support, that anyone can gives using special section of our website. If you have an appropriate skill or you would like learn how to have it, you may join to us. At this time we desperately need good Environment designers, who could help us with various objects in the game. From the simple buildings in cities to unique Night joints. Also, we are looking for 3d animator, who has good skill to create awesome animations for game characters.

With all the questions, please send here.

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7 Responses to “November 2014

  • Скилы и графика уже нравятся,не все могут даже такой графикой похвалится,а уж если еще и доработаете,так вообще красавцы ))

  • Если научите чему ни будь то я готов помочь

  • Вы только не переборщите с чрезмерной случайностью в способностях. Ведь да же обычный человек имеющий достаточно навыков способен противостоять случайностям, чего же говорить о вампирах, с неограниченным потенциалом в развитии

  • Рад слышать о новом проекте.
    3 совета:
    1) Аккуратнее с авторскими правами.
    2) Найдите спонсора. В т.ч. узнайте, чем служба Steam может поддержать молодые проекты.
    3) Расчитывайте бюджет на рекламу.

    • Что бы найти спонсора, нужно показать не просто скриншоты, а базовую работающую модель. На слова и красивые рассказы от “ноунеймов” никто не посмотрит.

  • The screenshots looks awesome.
    Love the concept art btw.
    I’ll be keeping an eye on you and will try to spread the word.


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